From PARIS take the A13 highway then in CAEN  the south ring road up to RENNES - MONT-SAINT-MICHEL exit. Follow the A84 up to SARTILLY exit. Drive about 6 km on the D973 until you see SAINT-JEAN-LE-THOMAS direction on the left hand side. 

From RENNES take the A84 up to AVRANCHES and leave at GRANVILLE exit. After about 5 km drive on the road to GRANVILLE turn left to SAINT-JEAN-LE-THOMAS.

Once in SAINT-JEAN-LE-THOMAS take the D911 coast road towards CAROLLES up to the IP2 lay-by along side the road (see below). Enter the property through the pedestrian access and ring the bell at the front door of the house.

We shall propose you to either leave your car in IP2I or accompany you to IP1I car park inside the property.

IP3I is a private car park for our cottage's guests.

imga0727-1.jpg                                                 Pedestrian access from D911                                                                                                    

     Addresses: La Feuilleraie, 8 avenue de La Libération, 50530 Saint-Jean-le-Thomas
                          La Bertichère, 10 avenue de La Libération, 50530 Saint-Jean-le-Thomas